WPHC Board Meeting Minutes 1/31/15

WPHC Board Meeting Minutes 1/31/15 

Attendance: Amy Frank, Heather Witte, Jennifer Disch, Rick Koehler, Barb Brunner, Karen O’Brien, Emily Wilson, Pam Bartoli, Cindy McGinnis, Vickie Majeski, Mary Jo Steinke, Mary Reid, Rachel Goffard

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 11:12am by President Barb Brunner at Badger Bowl in Madison, WI.

Secretary’s Report: Presented by Amy.  Motion to accept by Cindy & seconded by Mary.  Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Jennifer.  Year end awards still to be paid & April show deposit has been made.  Motion to accept by Vicki &  seconded by Emily.  Motion approved.

Youth Report: Presented by Emily.  Katie Gilbertson will be helping with youth club. Emily has asked parents to attend the youth meeting & will be asking them to take over most of the fundraising.  Year end awards are generally covered by the 2 silent auctions.  She proposes that more money earned will/can be used for better year end awards, circuit awards, banquet meals, etc.   

Old Business:

2014 Show Season

Barb reports that we had a great year & made money at all shows. May-$5600, June-$2900, July-$5000, West Salem-$1500,    Futurity-$10,000, September-$300.

New Business:

2015 Show Schedule

April Show-Becky Ruehle will be the photographer.  Need shavings vendor yet.  Stalls will cost $60.  Camping is $30 per night with or without electricity.  Limited 50amp spots available in parking lot.  More spots available on Willow Island based on weather conditions.  Alliant Energy staff will police camping. Vendors will need to let us know number of tables & chairs in advance.  Amy has started assembling Welcome Bags.  Mary will get more items to add.   Cindy is still working out details on booking rooms for both the April & August shows.      

August Show-Still need photographer. Stalls will cost $75. (No doubling up weanlings.)  PPS horses arriving early will have to pay extra stalling fees.  WPHC will have to have members help with parking due to limited number of spots.  Classes will be held Friday night & that is costing the club $5k extra.  PPS classes will be held Saturday evening.  Cindy presented show class lists. 

Jefferson Shows-Vicki is working on booking rooms for these shows.  Stalls still cost $45 but shavings have gone up 50 cents.  Camping costs are the same if plugged in or not.  Sue Hendrickson will handle camping again.   

Youth Walk/Trot Classes-Now required to be a 5-10 age class.  All owners & exhibitors must be current APHA members.

2yr Old Longeline-Open & amateur 2yr old longeline classes will be added to the show bill.  Cindy presented class lists.

Zone Show & WPHC Points-Barb asked if we should approve the Zone Show for WPHC points.  It was decided to bring this up at the general meeting.

MN/WI Approved Shows-Cindy suggested that we put forth money for circuit awards with MN for the dual approved shows.  The board was in agreement that this was a good idea.

Open Futurity-Pam discussed added monies to the Open Futurity payouts.  She has $4500 available in checking to do so.  Club OK’d taking $2400 out & letting Pam divide up as she sees fit.

Membership Dues-Jennifer & Cindy would like to change the bylaws for 2016 regarding memberships.  They would like one flat single or family membership payment which covers parent club membership and youth or amateur membership.  Youth club will still get a max of $10 kick back.  Motion to accept by Jennifer &  seconded by Cindy.  Motion approved.

APHA Rule Proposals-Cindy presented the rule change proposals they will be voting on at convention & asked everyone to give her their input.


Meeting adjourned at 1:14pm by President Barb Brunner.   

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Frank

WPHC Secretary




























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