WPHC Board Meeting Minutes 5/1/15


WPHC Board Meeting Minutes 5/1/15

Attendance:  Amy Frank,  Jennifer Disch, Barb Brunner, Karen O’Brien, Emily Wilson, Cindy McGinnis,  Mary Jo Steinke,  Rachel Goffard, Kathy Hembrook

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:15pm by President Barb Brunner at  the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson, WI.

Secretary’s Report: No report.

Treasurer’s Report: No report.

Youth Report:  No report.

Old Business:  None to discuss.

New Business:

*The Cheddar Classic - Show was successful with over 700 weekend entries .  Approximately $6800 was made on the show.  Still unsure if the facility will allow us to have the show again in 2016.  A few concerns from exhibitors that need to be addressed include the lack of a warm up pen & trash in the arena dirt.

*Futurity Show - Cindy was contacted by Dennis Howard who is interested in giving away a car at the show to increase entries.  He would also like to do something extra for the youth exhibitors. The board needs to send Cindy ideas for a contest to win the car.  Contest decisions need to be made ASAP so the club can advertise & promote.

*Complaint - The board discussed the complaint that was emailed concerning the treatment of a horse at the April show.  Barb will talk to the parties involved.  She also informed the board that any APHA Professional Horseman can be made aware of  situations like this at a show & be expected to get involved.  We had 2 of these horseman at that show but were unaware of this.    

Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 6:35pm by President Barb Brunner.   

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Frank

WPHC Secretary


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