WPHC Board & General Meeting Minutes 11/7/15

WPHC Board & Meeting Minutes 11/7/15

AttendanceAmy Frank,  Jennifer Disch, Barb Brunner, Karen O’Brien, Emily Wilson, Cindy McGinnis, Rachel Goffard, Kathy Hembrook, Mary Reid, Julie Aldrich, Vicki Majeskie, Sandi Lamrouex, Katie Gilbertson, Tina Berra, Molly Moe, Heather Witte, Sharon Pierce, Sue Henke, Maria Maruna

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:13pm by President Barb Brunner at  Capn’s Roadhouse in Fort Atkinson, WI.

Secretary’s Report: No report.

Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Jennifer. Money was made at all 2015 shows.  Motion to approve by Sandi. & seconded by Emily.  Motion approved.

Youth Report: Presented by Katie.  Raised $5k in fundraisers in 2015.   Working on officer elections , community service/volunteer programs,  recruiting new members from open shows & a monthly “Youth In The Spotlight” on the Facebook page.  Some rules will be changed for the qualifications on the high point saddle give a way.   

Old Business:

*Banquet: Will be at the Badger Bowl in Madison again this year on January 30, 2016.  Board & General Membership meeting at 2:30pm, dinner at 5pm & awards presentation afterwards.  May need to look into changing the venue next year if attendance continues to rise.  Meal will be $20 & snacks will be provided during the meetings.

*Social Media Coordinators: Emily will be in charge of posting to Facebook & Katie will handle posting to & updating the website.

*Combining Classes: Discussion was had regarding the combination of  the Color Halter, Amateur & Novice Youth classes.  This will be brought up again for discussion at the general meeting in January.  The national points can remain combined with the WI points split if it is determined that is a concern.   

New Business:

*2016 Show Season: The Alliant Energy Center in Madison will not allow us to keep our April show date for The Cheddar Classic.  We were offered Pavillion 2 for a show on April 30th-May 1st.  It was decided to keep that date in Jefferson & not move to Madison.  Barb will talk to the MN club about a possible combined show in Winona, MN in April.  A motion was made to approve the WI May show for MN points & the MN June show for WI points.  Motion to approve by Mary & seconded by Vicki.  Motion Approved.   

*SSA: The board has decided to suspend the SSA for 2016 due to only about 25% of the stallions being purchased & the purse money dropping.  Feedback will be gathered & re-instating the SSA may be considered again in the future.  Sandi will still produce a club directory this year to inform members about the change.  Members are encouraged to seek ads for the directory.     

*Ranch Horse Pleasure: There has been interest in Ranch Horse Pleasure classes.  The board has decided to make youth, amateur & open classes available at the July show.  It may be opened up to other breeds as well & offered on Friday night.  More information to come on this.     

*Trail Tear Down: Discussion was had about the difficulty in getting help for trail pattern tear down on Sunday nights.  We will be looking for a “Trail Boss” to be in charge of making sure this gets done at all of the shows.  Will post on Facebook & website asking for someone to take on that position.

*Work Hours: Getting members to work shows is still a concern.  Discussion was had about needing scribes & perhaps offering a “scribe school” to interested members.   The board proposed allowing members to pay a fee to the club to cover their work hours.  Proposed fee would be $100 per division & would allow the club to be able to pay for necessary needed help.  This will be brought up for discussion & a vote at the January meeting.        

*Elections: Barb appointed Vicki Majeskie as Vice President.  Kathy Hembrook, Katie Gilbertson, & Julie Aldrich were voted in as board members.

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 8:06pm by President Barb Brunner.  Motion to approve by Cindy & seconded by Sandi.  Motion approved. 

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Frank

WPHC Secretary


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