April 30, 2016

Location:Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Jefferson, WI


A. Meeting was called to order by Youth Advisor, Katie Gilbertson.

B.Introduction of New Members -None

C.Roll Call Completed by Secretary Chloe Fisher- Present: Skylar Dahl, Chloe Fisher, Catherine Goffard, Emma Goffard, Grace Haugstad, Kloie Huffman-Heins, Gia Pozzi, Jenna Protheroe, Madisyn Schemehorn, and Keri Dahl (youth assistant)

D.Old/Unfinished Business

a.Volunteer/Community Service- A pet supply drive will be done at the July show. Chloe Fisher volunteered to take items received from the drive to her local shelter.

b. High Point Saddle Program

  • Points for Recruitment of New Members- Katie passed out a form that is to be completed for “New” member recruitment for high point saddle points. This form must be completed by the youth member and also the new member and turned into the youth advisors. This form will be used for tracking of how many shows that the new member attends.

c. 2016 Fundraisers/Fun Ideas

  • Goffard’s Fundraiser- A job well done by the Goffard girls! The stall plate fundraiser raised $428.00!
  • Logo Wear- Youth would like to do another clothing order like last year. Katie will work with her coworker again on this.  Suggestions of items were athletic half zips, hoodies, t-shirts, baseball hats. Color suggestions were maroon, navy, teal, and turquoise.  More to follow at next meeting.
  • June Show- Madisyn Schemehorn & Chloe Fisher will be holding a bake sale. Youth are asked to bring baked items already individually wrapped or in baggies.
  • July Show- Continuation with the pet/dog theme with the donation drive, Skylar Dahl will be organizing payback dog races & possibly an obstacle course also. More to follow at next meeting.
  • Futurity- Suggestion was made to do bribe your horse again like last year along with leadless showmanship. Donations will be needed to be secured. Skylar Dahl & Chloe Fisher have volunteered to secure some.

E.New Business

a. In the “SPOT”light- Katie showed the current “In the SPOTlight” feature of Skylar Dahl. This will be featured on the youth Facebook page and also on the clubs website.

b. Website Changes- Katie passed showed the current changes to the club website for the youth section which now features drop down menus. (Youth Meeting Minutes, High Point Youth Saddle, WjPHC Facebook Page, In the “SPOT”light, & Youth Scholarships)

G.Meeting Adjourned