January 30, 2016

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Date:January 30, 2016

Time:4:00 pm

Location:Badger Bowl, Madison, WI


A. Meeting was called to order by Youth Advisor, Katie Gilbertson.

B.Introduction of New Members

·        Katie introduced our new Youth Assistant Keri Dahl (Skylar Dahl’s mother)

C.Roll Call- Present: Skylar Dahl, Erica Day, Brittany Disch, Chloe Fisher, Catherine Goffard, Emma Goffard, Grace Haugstad, Kloie Huffman-Heins, Molly Moe, Gia Pozzi, Jenna Protheroe, Madisyn Schemehorn

D.Old/Unfinished Business: 1) Katie provided a handout on recap of 2015 fundraisers.

2)Facebook Page & Closed Group Page: Spread the word! Invite your friends! Don’t be afraid to post on there or message myself or other admin, youth president. It’s supposed to be used as a communication tool! 3) National AjPHA Director nomination for Brittany Disch was sent in November. Brittany hasn’t heard anything yet from AjPHA.

E.Voting of 2016 officers

Ø  New year – new officers

Roles will be defined for each of these positions. Will work on these roles. Mandatory meeting attendance will be required by officers unless excused by youth advisor.

Election results:

President: Skylar Dahl

Vice President: Gia Pozzi

Secretary: Chloe Fisher

F.New Business :1) Katie wanted to make a big shout out to Devan Knipfer of Devin Design for donating her time to create the new WjPHC Logo & the ad in 2016 WPHC directory. 2)Volunteer/Community Service: Discussion was made about volunteer/community service project for this year. Suggestion was to volunteer at a horse rescue place. This item was tabled until the next meeting.

3) Recruitment of New Members for High Point Saddle Program

WjPHC new members must meet the following criteria.  1. Must be a current member, in good standing with the club. 2. Must attend more than 1/2 of the WPHC shows for that season. 3. Must attend more than 1/2 of all WJPHC meetings held in that season.  4. Must participate in over 1/2 of all fundraisers held by the WJPHC in that season. 

4) High Point Saddle Program

Our club will once again be offering the chance to win our Youth All-Around High Point saddle.  This is a JR Wenger work saddle, valued at approximately $1600.  We also offer a Reserve High Point award of $500 cash, or an equivalent custom prize- winner’s choice.  The deadline for our saddle contest entry is April 30th- the first day of our first WPHC show.  If you do not have signed saddle contest intent forms turned in to the show office or Katie Gilbertson by that day, you will be unable to compete for the saddle in 2016.  Forms will be available at the show entry desk, or you can find them online on the WPHC website.  Fundraising ideas must be approved by Katie Gilbertson by April 30, 2015 to be considered for the 2016 saddle contest.  Signup sheets & rules will be sent out to individuals with the meetings minutes.

5) 2016 Fundraisers/Fun Ideas: Katie provided a handout with fundraiser ideas. Discussion was made on a few ideas. Fundraiser ideas will need to be finalized by the end of the first show. Catherine Goffard shared a few ideas one in which will be starting soon so that the orders will be available for pick up at the first show. This fundraiser will be customized emergency stall cards. Order forms will be coming soon.

G. Meetings

WJPHC meetings for the rest of the year will be held at our shows.  The first one will be April 30th, Saturday after youth trail is completed. Saturday was chosen as some individuals are not yet to the show grounds on Friday nights.   


Thank you goes out to all the youth members & individuals who helped at the banquet with the auction items. Also to our generous donations of awesome baskets! Total we raised $1,230! $291 in centerpieces & $939 in baskets! Good job guys!