2018 WPHC Show Information

2018 Show Schedule


April 28-29 - Zone 5 Show, Cedar Rapids, IA - Approved for WPHC points only. Does not count toward number of judges.

May 12-13 - Paint-O-Rama, Alliant Energy Center, Madison (approved for Minnesota points)

May 19-20 - Minnesota Paint Horse Association show in Winona, MN Approved for WPHC points. Does not count toward number of judges.

June 2-3 - Jefferson, WI

July 7-8 - Jefferson

August 25-26 - Paint-O-Rama, SSA Futurity show, Oshkosh, WI


Show Schedule and Information

         2017 Show Schedule details - Click Here

          2017 Futurity Information - Click Here

Class Schedules 

          2017 Jefferson/Oshkosh June Shows - Click Here

         2017 POR/Futurity Show - Click Here

 Entry Forms

Pre-Entry forms are now available for your convenience. Click on the links below, print out the forms and fill out one form in full  for each horse and either e-mail or send postal mail to Cindy McGinnis at the addresses listed on the form.  All entries received by 5:00 pm the Wednesday before the show will get a $5.00 credit toward the office fees for the weekend.  Be sure to include a copy of your registration papers, APHA membership card(s) for both owner and all exhibitors, and current coggins report with your entry forms.  Then all you have to do is bring your signed blank check to the entry booth when you get to the show and you're all set!

NEW FOR 2017: All entries received by 5:00 p.m. the Wednesday before the show will have their names put in a hat for a drawing for a FREE STALL.  Entries submitted must be complete including copies of registration papers, negative coggins and all APHA membership cards.  1 free stall will be given away at each show.

If you request a specific back number there will be a one-time $5 charge for a set of laminated numbers you can pick up at the entry booth.2017

    2017 May, June, June, July Shows - Click Here

    2017 August POR/Futurity Show - Click Here  

               NOTE:All horses, including futurity horses, MUST fill out an entry form. If you are entering ONLY regular APHA classes (no futurity classes) you only need to fill out Pages 1 and 2 of this entry form.  If you are entering ONLY futurity classes (no regular APHA classes) you only need to fill out pages 1 and 3 of this form and send it in.  If a horse is being entered in BOTH APHA AND Futurity classes then you must fill out all 3 pages of this entry form.

Stall Reservation Forms

     2017 Jefferson Shows -  Click Here

     2017 Oshkosh June and August Shows - Click Here


Shavings Reservation Form for Oshkosh shows

     Shavings must be paid for separately and directly to the vendor.  You will not be able to put shavings on your show tab.  No shavings will be delivered to stalls without payment in full.

      June Oshkosh Show Shavings - Click Here

      POR/Futurity Show Shavings - Click Here


Show Manager and Show Work Duties

Helpful information for show managers and members who need to get work hours. This document explains what it is to be a show manager and what the jobs are for members to collect their hours for year end awards. Included in this document are forms for a manager to keep track of who signs up for work hours.