February 23, 2018 WPHC Board

Location: Rustic Smoke House (855 Lexington Blvd. Fort Atkinson)

Attendance: Sarah Durrance, Cindy McGinnis, Nell TeKampe, Katie Huffman, Barb Brunner, Sandy Quinn, Brittany Johnson, Gain Johnson, Amanda Giombi, Kathy Hembrook, and Kevin Smith

Meeting was called to order at 2:08 PM by president Sarah Durrance.

Secretary report was reviewed and a motion to accept the minutes was made by Nell Tekampe seconded by Sandy Quinn. Motion passed

Treasurers report: $11,187.78 in the regular general fund, $4,133,13 in the youth fund. A motion to accept the treasurers was made by Barb Brunner/ seconded by Nell Tekampe. Motion passed $105 was transferred from the general fund to the youth fund for the numbers paid for by members when paid for yearly WI membership. Both of the Jefferson down payments were made (half of the total facility fee). Judges cost for Jefferson $3,750.

A motion was made to pay the youth club back for the funds used during 2018 to pay for part of the down payment of the Madison Facility by Cindy McGinnis / seconded by Britany Johnson. Motion passed

Sarah Durrance presented the addendum to the Jefferson facility contracts detailing that we get the use of the arenas for our sole use, we get sole use to the small indoor arena - when it relates to other species (including timeframe to rectify if there is an issue or repayment if there are issues)

Cindy McGinnis discussed the Oshkosh facility at a cost of $6,379.82 (Barns A, C, D – 95 stalls). Supposed to pay deposits of $1,524.96 in August and May and then pay the balance. We are planning on paying the first down payment after the June show. We pay for manure hall away/clean up, Pepsi, arena drag, empty trash, and clean stalls all for a $580 cost. When we previously discussed about getting a reduced fee for Oshkosh for offering 4-H classes, we found out that that is for Winnebago 4-H club only.

Sarah Durrance discussed having a full budget for the WPHC. Amanda Giombi questioned why we need to have a specific budget for the year end awards at this time. Sarah Durrance replied by discussing that a predetermined awards budget as to not create bias when it comes time to pay for the awards. Amanda Giombi motioned: A year end awards budget of $2,000 base plus a 35% of any profit earned from the two Jefferson and one Oshkosh shows to be capped at $6,000 / Gail Johnson seconded. Motioned passed. Kevin Smith and Amanda Giombi will create a year budget before the May meeting.

Year end awards: Discussed cash vs. WPHC bucks. A motioned was made to only include awards next year no cash or WPHC bucks by Cindy McGinnis / Seconded by Sandy Quinn. Motion passed.

By laws: Britany Johnson discussed:
Not following: Financial officer – books needing to be audited yearly by a group appointment by the board of the directors. We agreed to audit the books yearly going forward.
No following: 3 person nominating committee to get people to run for positions.
Proposed changes: Motion was made by Gail Johnson to accept changes / Seconded by Cindy McGinnis
Monthly financial reports – remove monthly. Boards meeting email it out, or upon request.
Notifying for general membership meetings to be done by email and social media instead of mailings and flyers.
Nominated appointments will be published on website and/or social media.
Adding sexual orientation to non-discriminatory policy
Used to have amateur/youth members but now we just have family and single memberships.
Barb Brunner motioned to add a board of director voting position / seconded by Kathy Hembrook
Will add a position for the youth advisor.

President Sarah Durrance nominated Brittany Johnson to become the vice president. She also nominated Katie Huffman to fill Brittany Johnson’s board of directors seat. The board approved

Youth update: Katie Huffman gave a youth club update. The youth board is as follows: President: Gia Pozi VP: Daniele VanEngen. No secratery. Pattern’s will be posted on Facebook and the website before the show. Can still buy show pattern books at the show and funds still go to the youth. High point saddle program was discontinued. Katie will discuss having youth pay for own year end awards and a potentially bigger youth gift for year end to replace the saddle program.

Sarah Durrance discussed needing a ring master and gate person. A motioned was made to pay the ring master and the gate person $100 per day by Amanda Giombi / Nell Tekampe seconded.

Circuit awards: for the two Jefferson shows. Motion was made to use $15 per item by Cindy McGinnis / Seconded by Gail Johnson.

Motion was made for the high point awards for the open show to consist of a stall bag for each division to be a fee of $35, reserve to receive a grooming bag costing $25, and Ranch all around to receive decorative boxes motioned by Gail Johnson / Seconded by Britany Johnson

A motion was made by Britany Johnson and seconded by Kathy Hembrook to adjourn.

Minutes of the WPHC Board of Directors Meeting

Pizza Ranch / Elkhorn WI

Attendance: Katie Huffman, Sarah Durrance, Cindy McGinnis, Gail Johnson, Sandy Quinn, Kevin Smith, Amanda Lorenz, Julie Aldrich
Absent: Nell Tekampe, Brittany Johnson, Robert Ross, Kathy Hembrook

Meeting was called to order at 4:41 PM by newly elected President, Sarah Durrance. Sarah welcomed board members and thanked them for all the work being done to bring the club forward.

Minutes of Election Meeting Nov 17th were approved with the correction of grammar error: under treasurer report correct “except” to Accept. Motion made by Gail, 2nd by Kevin motion approved.

Treasurer Report: Gail reported the “old” accounts in Monroe are being closed, current balance Is $5,072.67 we are awaiting the clearance of 2 checks ($1,260. & $335.). Then all accounts will be closed, any remaining balance will be transferred to Chase. New accounts were opened at Chase Bank, 1 for WPHC and 1 for Youth. The current balance of WPHC is $11,608.37 / Youth $3,714.13. The Amateur account was closed.
A motion was made by Sandy, 2nd by Julie to approve treasurer report, motion approved.

Committee Reports:
By-Laws: The proposed change to Section 5. Financial Officer:
“ Any contract entered into on behalf of the Wisconsin Paint Horse Club is to be reviewed and approved by the board of directors” will be presented at the General Meeting in January.

Banquet: 2 rooms were booked at the cost of $315.
Current count is 44 paid meals / January 5th is deadline.
Discussion on waiving the $15 cost for Jamie and JJ to attend banquet / a motion was made by Julie, 2nd by Gail to exempt their ticket fee for this banquet. 5 in favor, Cindy opposed. Motion passed.
Sandy will get silent auction items / Katie and youth will do raffle items.

Cindy reported belt bucket has been ordered for Past President Barb Brunner. Vicki’s thank you has also been ordered. Cindy still trying to get a hold of Vicki to invite to banquet.

Katie read an email she received from Tanya Edwards mother of a youth, Morgan Edwards, expressing her concerns regarding the way the “youth saddle contest” was handled. Sarah will be contacting Tonya. The board will be investigating the youth saddle form signed by Morgan. We will discuss during a conference call if needed.

Open Show: Sarah presented the showbill. There were a few changes to be made. Katie will be co-chairing with Sarah.

Old Business: There has been No response from Jerry for a bid for WPHC 2019 show secretary. A motion was made by Julie to hire Cindy Westphal @ the rate of $500 + hotel for the June and August shows. (2018 Cindy received $895.80, $896.70 & $941.51 as show secretary) Cindy McGinnis will do the July show at no charge to the club.

New Business: The following are ideas presented to bring our club forward: Monthly online news letter, Brittany will begin in February.
Brittany will be opening a google account for the ease of email communication.
Membership packets will be emailed including a cover letter, by-laws & hi-point rules upon paid membership dues. Brittany, Gail and Sarah will heading this.
Sarah would like to discuss “what we can do to give incentive to join the club at the January meeting. Please bring ideas.
Ad Sponsorship will be on website. Goal is to add 10 sponsors by next month.

Katie will be ordering a glass block in honor of Ralph Brunner at the cost of $25, she will take to funeral, Jan 3rd 4-7.

Katie reported as Youth Advisor: She anticipates 5 youth for 2019 season. She will hold election at the Jan meeting. She will hold meetings during the show on Friday evenings. Youth will be brain storming for fund raiser ideas.

A motion was made by Gail, 2nd by Sandy to adjourn meeting at 7:10 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Julie Aldrich, WPHC Secretary

January 26, 2019 / General Meeting
Bowl-A-Vard, Madison, WI

Meeting was called to order by President Elect Sarah Durrance, at 3:40
Sarah welcomed everyone and thanked all for attending. She introduced the board and officers.

Secretary Report: A motion was made by Katie Kosobucki, second by Katie Huffman to except the minutes of the November general meeting. Motion approved with no objections.

Financial Report: Gail reported the general club balance of $12,323.15 / youth balance $3,714.13
A motion was made by Brittany, second by Julie to approved financial report, motion approve with no objections.

Committee Reports: Pat Ross presented a proposed By-Law change. Adding “Any contract entered into on behalf of the Wisconsin Paint Horse Club is to be reviewed and approved by the board of directors,” to Section 5 Financial Officer. A motion was made by Katie Kosobucki, second by Shanna Ray to approve the change. Motion approved with no objections.
Open Show: Sarah presented Open Show information which is June 30th at Bounds Showtime Arena in Deerfield, WI. Sarah asked for members to please plan on helping to make this fund raiser a success! Her goal is $4,000!
Cindy reported the showbill is ready (barring any changes) to be submitted for approval.
Cindy, Barb and Nell are the National Reps for WI. Cindy suggested members review the proposed changes APHA is presenting. If you have any questions, concerns or input you can contact one of the representatives.

A motion was made by Jeff Sommers, second by Katie Kosobucki to add Master Showmanship class to the Oshkosh POR, August 2019. Motion approved with no objections.

Katie Huffman is the 2019 Youth Adviser.

Old Business: N/A
New Business; Beginning March 1st our web site will have a monthly newsletter. Please stay tuned and watch for new news!!

Discussion was held brain storming ideas for making the shows more inviting!
We discussed adding Solid Bred Walk/Trot classes to our show bill. Both youth and Amateur.

The club directory will be on the web site, along with a Sponsor section.

A motion was made by Gail, second by Jeff to adjourn meeting at 5:10PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Julie Aldrich WPHC Secretary

January 26, 2019 / Board Meeting
Bowl-A-Vard Lanes, Madison WI

Attendance: Cindy McGinnis, Sarah Durrance, Kathy Hembrook, Sandy Quinn, Brittany Johnson, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Kevin Smith, Bob Ross, Julie Aldrich
Unable to Attend: Nell Tekampe

Meeting was called to order by President Elect, Sarah Durrance at 2:08PM. Sarah welcomed all, thanking for the commitment all have made for our club. She shared “TEAMWORK: the combined action of a group of people when effective and efficient.”

Secretary Report: A motion was made by Cindy, second by Brittany to approve minutes as presented. Motion passed with no objections.

Treasurer Report: Gail Johnson reported the general club balance at $12,323.15 / youth balance at $3,714.13. All prior accounts in Monroe have been closed.
Banquet Income: $1,450.00 Expenses: $315.00 Hall rental, $2,905.00 Cash awards, Awards $935.00, Food $1,028.29
Youth must have approval of board prior to spending any amount over $200.00. A motion was made by Kathy, second by Brittany to approve report as presented. Motion approved with no objections.

Committee Reports: Adding Master Showmanship at the Oshkosh show will be voted on at the General meeting.
Amanda reported on the awards for the open show. We will be presenting “cups” instead of ribbons. Discussion on the grand and reserve items, Amanda will send out a mock up of the items decided on.
Sponsorships: Sarah and Brittany will be focusing on making a tiered level sponsorship program.
Show report: Cindy has final class list ready for approval.
By-Law change will be presented at the general meeting by Pat Ross.
Katie will present youth report at general meeting.
Amanda contacted Pinto President Kathy Findlay about putting a WPHC plug in their news letter, awaiting their board approval.
Old Business:
Sarah contacted Edwards’ regarding the youth saddle situation, she feels it is handled.
Club Taxes: we will not be filing this year. We are working hard to gather information on our own to save money on the attorney fees. Cindy will be working to obtain information required.

A vote was taken to decide how to handle the issue of cash awards verse WPHC Buck. A motion was made by Brittany second by Kathy to honor cash option for the 2018 awards.
7 yes / 1 no motion passed.

New Business: Sunflower will be having an open house April 7th.
We will be discussing a Charity Class at the June show as a fund raiser for Monte.
Meeting adjourned at 3:20PM

Supplemental Meeting following General Meeting:
A motion was made by Cindy, second by Gail to add Master Showmanship class to the Oshkosh POR, motion approved with no objections.
A motion was made by Cindy, second by Brittany to add Solid Breed Walk/Trot classes to our show bills. Motion approved with no objections.

Respectfully Submitted,
Julie Aldrich WPHC Secretary

September 23, 2018 - WPHC Board Meeting

Location: Rustic Smoke House / 855 Lexington Blvd. Fort Atkinson

Attendance: Julie Aldrich, Barb Brunner, Cindy McGinnis, Sandy Quinn, Katie Huffman, Kevin Smith, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Brittany Johnson, Bob Ross, Sarah Durrance, Kathy Hembrook / non board members Pat Ross, Tina Berra & Deanna (Sandy Quinn sister)

Meeting was called to order by President Barb Brunner at 4:20PM

Secretary Report was reviewed a motion was made by Sarah / second by Sandy to approve minutes as presented. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report: Amanda Giombi-Lorenz preformed a financial audit to determine the clubs financial balance. After doing the best with the information available the current balance is $10,993.42. This amount should be final with all current outstanding payments made.

Kevin Smith did question why the club does not file tax returns. Kevin will be gathering information regarding bringing the club into compliance.

Amanda is going to continue to balance books as there are a few outstanding questions. Amanda will also be taking over the position of treasure for the time being, as Katie has resigned.

There was serious discussions on costs of hiring judges / hotels / car rentals/ office Help / Gate / Ring Stewart & Announcer. We are evaluating to make sure we are being fair and consistent with surrounding states but also being financial responsible with the monies we have available to continue 2019 show season.

Kathy Hembrook will be contacting hotels in the area to try to negotiate prices.
Julie Aldrich, Sarah Durrance and Pat Ross will be contact surrounding states to inquire about their show budgets (judges/gate/announcer/ring stewart/hotels.
They are to report to Sarah as committee chair with the findings.

Discussion was had regarding the change from work hours to increased office fee. We did not receive enough money to cover the fees to hire out the positions. This will be discussed further at the general meetings. We will need to have the members input to decide if we will increase fees again or go back to volunteers.

Bob and Pat Ross presented a proposal from the Illinois Paint Club. The Ill Club has proposed a combined POR at Gordyville. A vote was taken to allow Bob to gather further information including dates. All board members approved with the exception of Katie Huffman being natural. A written contract will be requested for the board approval. Another vote will be taken once all information is compiled.

Year End Awards: In prior years our club paid out for year-end awards was approximately $10,000 annually. With the financial position of the club this year budget will be $4,000.00. Motion made by Kevin Smith second by Brittany Johnson, motion approved.

A motion was made by Brittany Johnson second by Kathy Hembrook to no longer have the option of a cash pay-out. Motion was approve all board members except Bob Ross approved the motion.

The club will be compiling outlines for the various committee responsibilities, including Youth Club Advisor, Show Managers, Ect. With newer board members we want everyone to know the responsibilities they are undertaking. We need to make sure we are helping to make sure the entire club is successful!

Pat Ross Committee Chair for Scholarships reported there are no current applicants requesting scholarships.

Pat Ross Committee Chair for By-Laws presented a change. Add Under Section 5: Financial Officer: “Any contract entered into on behalf of the Wisconsin Paint Horse Club is to be reviewed and approved by the board of directiors.”
Motion to present by-law change at general meeting was made by Bob Ross second by Sandy Quinn, no opposed. We will present in Nov and vote in January.

Sandy Quinn presented her proposal for the Banquet. Date is set for Sunday January 26th, 2019.
Where: Bowl A Vard Lanes, 2121 E Springs Drive, Madison
Time: 2PM Board Meeting
3PM General Meeting
4:30 Cocktails
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Awards Presentation

This will be a ticketed event. $25. With Dinner included ($7 for children) or $15.00 if you wish to just attend Award Presentation. Sarah Durrance will be collecting tickets are the door. Motion was made by Brittany second by Amanda to charge $7/$25 & $15. Motion approved.

Elections: The Election meeting / General Meeting will be held Saturday November 17, 2018 6PM
A Board meeting will be held prior at 5PM. I will be emailing all members the information Katie will put on facebook and website.
Kathy H is checking with Sals to see if date is open.
Up for Election is: President, Vice President, Secretary and two board positions.

A final item was discussed regarding club membership payments. It was brought to our attention that an exhibitor had submitted the WPHC dues paperwork and check at the Iowa Zone show. The paperwork did not work its way to our club. MUCH discussion was had regarding how to handle this. It was voted upon that an exception will not be made. Vote was approved by majority all board member except Brittany Johnson and Amanda Giombi-Lorenz voted yes.

A motion was made by Cindy McGinnis second by Barb Brunner to adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted,
Julie Aldrich


Meeting was called to order by president, Barb Brunner at 4:20PM.

Meeting held at Salamone’s in Fort Atkinson.

In attendance:  Kevin Smith, Tim Smith, Bob Ross, Pat Ross, Sarah Durrance, Sandy Quinn, Cindy McGinnis, Barbara Brunner, Katie Huffman, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Brittany Johnson, Nell Tekampe, Kathy Hembrook, Julie Aldrich

Secretary Report from General Meeting January 27th, submitted by Julie Aldrich; was approved by Nell Tekampe, second by Brittany Johnson.


Treasurer Report:  Presented by Katie Huffman.  44 memberships have been received, with 10 of those being brand new members.  Discussion on the Amateur Club account decided to reimburse the general cub account for the Amateur All Around Awards.  Keeping this account open for time being.


Madison Show:  No one is allowed to arrive prior to 8AM Friday.  Bob & Pat Ross will be in charge of camping parking.  $50 to park on cement / $40 in Willow Island.  There are 35 spaces below and 66 in Willow Island. Willow Island does have water and electric at individual sites.

REQURED:  Pre-payment for Camping / Stalls and bedding.

Pavilion 1: Show Ring Pavilion 2: stalls and warm up pen.

All Around Tooled Chair Drawing /youth/amateur/open. Sarah Durrance worked hard to organize this prize.  We will also have class prizes.  All board members were encouraged to bring in a $100 sponsor.  All sponsor $ is to be turned in to Sarah by April 1st:  Checks payable to WPHC / mail to Sarah Durrnace N1923 County Road N, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538.  


Jefferson Shows:  We will have a circuit award (Brittany Johnson) a Welcome Dinner Friday Nite / July will be Pot Luck Dinner we will promote at June show.


Oshkosh:   Look into offering Pinto Classes.  3rd Barn will be open if we need it.  


Show Managers:  May Barb Brunner / June Nell Tekampe / July Brittany Johnson & Amanda Giombi-Lorenz / August Barb Brunner


Banquet:  Will be a ticketed event.  The cost of the ticket will include dinner.  If you wish to Not eat the ticket will still need to be purchased to attend. Motion made by Brittany Johnson, second by Kathy Hembrook to make the event ticketed.  Sandy Quinn will be the chairperson.  Brittany Disch will be doing an award presentation video for 2019 banquet.  Banner will be brought to take pictures of award winners.  


Motion made by Brittany Johnson second by Kathy Hembrook to adjourn meeting.


Respectfully Submitted,

Julie Aldrich


WPHC General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2018


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by President, Barb Brunner @ 2:45PM at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes, Madison, WI. 2018 Board members were introduced:  President Barb Brunner , Vice-Pres Robert Ross, Treasurer Katie Huffman, Secretary Julie Aldrich; Board of Directors Brittany Johnson, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Kathy Hembrook, Mary Reed, Rachel Goffard, Jennifer Disch, Sarah Durrance, & Sandy Quinn


Secretary Report:  Presented by Julie Aldrich. Motion made to approve by Brittany Johnson & second by Kathy Hembrook.  Motion Approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  Presented by Katie Huffman.  Current checkbook balance $17,542.  Motion Made to approve by Pat Ross & second by Kathy Hembrook.  Motion Approved.


Youth Report:  Presented by Meghan Keller.  The first meeting is scheduled for today following general meeting.  All youth are encouraged to attend.


Old Business:  Anyone showing at the Zone show April 28-29 in Iowa MUST be a current paid member of WPHC to have points count for year end awards.

Discussion about making sure shavings are available to all, but kept locked to prevent theft.  We TRULY WANT to make our shows inviting and EZ to attend.  We also have a fiduciary responsibility to club to make sure those taking shavings are paying for them.  We ask all attending the show to Pre-order stalls and shavings IF they want shavings at their stalls.  Stalls are assigned and shavings dispersed on Thursday prior to show.  If  you do not pre-order shavings they will be available but may not be immediately accessible.

WPHC has 3 facilities available:  Madison, Jefferson, and Oshkosh.  All 3 have their pluses and negatives.  We must make booking shows with this in mind.  Oshkosh is very expensive.  Due to our numbers we can fill 2 barns (117 stalls).   To “open” an additional barn the cost is $812 + $65 per stall.  If  the barn is not filled it financially does not make sense.  That is why we NEED Pre-paid so we can accommodate as many members as possible.   We NEVER want to send anyone away, but you can see how financially a 3rd barn in Oshkosh is tough to do.


New Business:  Cindy McGinnis was once again hard at work organizing data to present:

*We will be moving Ranch Riding and Reining to the 1st classes of the day.  If any members know of people showing in these classes please forward information to them.  We made this change to accommodate those members so they did not have to stay all day.

*May Show ONLY – add amateur and open driving, 1st class on Saturday

*Delete weanling halter classes

*Vote was taken regarding splitting Amateur / Master Showmanship.  Majority General Membership vote was to leave as is.  Board will discuss further.  Keeping as Amateur Showmanship for the May Show, possibly add at the POR in Oshkosh.

*Youth classes now 13 & under and 18 & under.  13 & under can pick which age group to go in, but NOT both with same horse.  13 & under can go in both with 2 different horses.  Per APHA rule we can no longer combine those classes.


2018 Show Season:  Cindy McGinnis

Cindy passed out confirmed dates, locations and judges:  April 28-29 Zone 5 Show, Cedar Rapids,  APPROVED FOR WPHC POINTS ONLY  Judges David Denniston, Laura Gilmore, Tim Jedra, Heather Young

May 12-13 “Better Cheddar Classic” Alliant Energy Center, Madison / Dual approved for Minnesota Paint Horse Club points / Judges: Jodi Finkenbinder, Debbie and John Letham, Gary Reynolds

May 19-20 Minnesota Paint Horse Club / show approved for WPHC points only.

Minnesota Equestrian Center, Winona, MN

June 9-10 Jefferson County Fairgrounds Sat: Chris Arnold, Stephanie McConnell Sun:Mark Sheridan an Walter Wells

July 7-8 Jefferson County Fairgrounds Sat: David Avery and Steve Lackey Sun: Jill Paxton and Alicia Proefrock

Aug 25-26 POR Sunnyview Expo Center, Oshkosh Judges: David Denniston, Casey Orr, Betty and John Tuckey

BE SURE TO VISIT OUR WEB SITE www.wispainthorse.com


*Zone show and MN May show will count for WPHC points only – not number of judges.

*Number of judges will be 16 for all classes except yearling longe line, yearling in hand trail, and 2 year old riding classes (12 judges for these classes).

*Lead line based on rider only, not horse/rider combo

*Make Novice Youth, Novice Amateur, Amateur & Youth Walk Trot year end awards

ALL AROUND and require they go in respective halter classes with a minimum of 5 state halter points

*Delete extra points given for every 6 horses you beat.

*Add All Around for SPB, follow same rules as other classes.

*Change wording of “show” to “judge” for clarification on number of times you must show to qualify for yearend awards. Does not change requirements just clarification.

*We are looking for Show Managers for all shows, if you would like to help and manage a show please let Barb Brunner know.

*The club is looking into adding some “FUN” activities, if you have ideas please share.


Adjourn:  Motion made by Barb Brunner to adjourn meeting at 4:45pm, second by Brittany Johnson.  Motion Approved.  


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Aldrich,  WPHC Secretary