1/7/17 General Membership Meeting Minutes


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:46pm by President Barb Brunner at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes in Madison, WI.

Secretary’s Report: Presented by Amy Frank.  Correction noted by Cindy McGinnis regarding APHA rule changes to read that Classic Amateur division is discontinued.  The two amateur divisions are 19 & Over and 45 & Over.  Motion to approve by Mary Reid & seconded by Kathy Hembrook.  Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Jennifer Disch.  Audit to the books has been completed.  Katie Gilbertson will be taking over as Financial Officer.  Motion to approve by Julie Marweg & seconded by Cindy McGinnis.  Motion approved.

Youth Report: N/A

Old Business:

*2017 Show Season

-The members decided to approve the May 13th & 14th show in Winona, MN & the Zone show in April for WI points.   

-Stalls & shavings will be required to be pre-paid for all shows this year.  Cancellations may be made up to one week prior to receive your money back.

 *Club Bylaws: The members voted on the proposed change to Article 3 Section 1 to clarify “Each director be at least nineteen (19) years of age & be a  member in good standing of the WPHC for at least the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the election.”  as presented by Pat Ross at the November meeting.  Motion to approve by Mary Reid & seconded by Julie Marweg.  Motion approved. 

*Work Hours: Rachel Goffard & Mary Stephan presented a worksheet that clarified work positions & hours to be posted on the website &    Facebook page. 

*Open & SSA Futurity: Sandi Lamrouex stated that the Open Futurity will not be held this year.  The SSA Futurity will hold yearling thru 3yr old classes this year.  SSA classes will continue to be held until purses run out.  Discussed adding stakes classes to the futurity show & looked to the membership for input.  The intent is to draw participants in from surrounding states.

*Working Western Horse Celebration: The event coordinator has asked us to consider having a 2-3 judge show during this event.  Concerns are that it won’t draw participants due to being held in the middle of the week & during the World Show.  Barb Brunner & Cindy McGinnis will talk further with the event organizers.

New Business

*2017 Class List

-Janelle Aldrich made a motion to add Open Performance Horse Halter to the WPHC class list & Julie Marweg seconded.  Motion approved.     

-Julie Marweg  made a motion to add 45 & Over Showmanship to the WPHC class list & Sue Hendricks seconded.  Motion was not approved.

 *2017 High Point Rule Changes

-Presented by Cindy McGinnis

-Raquel Engelke-Korb made a motion to have Amateur Walk Trot points count towards the Amateur Rookie Award & Erica Day seconded.  Motion approved.

-Scott Boe made a motion to dissolve the Amateur & Youth Performance Award  & Julie Marweg seconded.  Motion approved.

-Julie Marweg made a motion to add an Amateur Walk Trot All Around Award & Sue Hendricks seconded.  Motion approved.

-Members chose to clarify ALL of the all around awards to reflect the way the rules have been interpreted in the past. 


-Clinicians are looking for participants to work with.  Applications must be received by January 9th & there is a fee to participate. Anyone interested should talk to Barb Brunner for more info.

-Katie Gilbertson is looking for volunteers to work the APHA booth.       


*2017 APHA Rule Changes:  Members are encouraged to give their input to Barb Brunner, Cindy McGinnis or Nell Tekampe prior to the February convention.

*Directory: Sandi Lamrouex needs any further ads submitted ASAP so that the directory is available by the end of January.

*Amateur Club: Erica Day is looking to re-organize the amateur club.  Would like to collaborate with the youth club on fundraisers.  She will meet with anyone interested in joining after this meeting.

*Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 4:21pm by President Barb Brunner.  Motion made by Cindy McGinnis & seconded by Jennifer Disch.  Motion approved. 

 Respectfully submitted,

Amy Frank

WPHC Secretary



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