WPHC General Membership / Election Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2017
Attendance:  Barb Brunner, Jennifer Disch, Cindy McGinnis, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Brittany Johnson, Kathy Hembrook, Sandy Quinn, Kevin Smith, Tim Smith, Meghan Keller, Julie Aldrich, Sarah Durrance, Bob & Pat Ross
Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 6:15PM by President Barb Brunner at Salamone's in Fort Atkinson. 
Secretary Report:
No report was available.
Treasurer Report: 
Treasurer report was presented (Katie Gilbertson was absent).  Report was discussed, there are a few Expense items which need to be applied to the show breakdown.  The report will be adjusted, and presented at the January meeting.
Youth Report:
The newly appointed Youth Advisor is Meghan Keller.  We welcome her! Meghan will be contacting the Illinois Youth Advisor to get ideas!  Discussion was started regarding “Posting Patterns” prior to the show.  The reason  patterns have not been posted in the past is this is a fund raiser for the youth club (approximately $200 per show).  It is being considered to post patterns and encourage members to continue to purchase pattern books at the show to continue to support the youth club.
New Business:
Discussion was had on the facilities the club uses for the shows. 
Jefferson is the least expensive and the easiest to work with, but without the availability of a larger indoor arena is not the most conducive for showing.  To rent 175 stalls the approximate cost is $6,700.
Madison to rent 200 stalls is $10,400.  Affidavits were acquired by board members regarding the footing.  The riders that have shown in Madison this past year have been very satisfied with the footing.  
Oshkosh: 200 stalls $15,298. 
The APHA has strict guidelines we must comply with when scheduling our show dates,  pair that with the available dates at the facilities scheduling shows can be difficult. 
We were not able to secure the July 21-22, 2018 date, as Iowa has a show scheduled.  We are discussing when/how/where to reschedule this date.  Currently the Pinto Club has Jefferson booked.  A committee will be contacting the Pinto Club to see if we can work out a switch. July 7-8th in Jefferson is open.
Member Work Hours to be eligible for Year End Awards has been ELIMINATED.  There will be a $10 Office Fee added to our current $15 office fee, to cover the cost of hiring gate people/ring stewart/announcer.
Madison / Cheddar Classic will run / version 1
Saturday: Halter Classes/showmanship/Hunt Seat
Sunday;     will begin with Trail & Western Classes to follow
Motion was made by Bob Ross / second by Kathy Hembrook to use Version 1 for Madison show.  
A General Membership Vote will be taken at the January meeting regarding adding Master Classes.  Last year the vote did not pass.
APHA change:  Youth Classes  will be 18 & under and 13 & under.
13 & Under can show up, but can not show in both classes.
Discussion was had on having a “Welcoming Committee” to greet new members, Brittany Johnson will be working on this.
*Making sure all WI Club members understand at the Zone Show they must be WPHC club members prior to showing to have any points count.  Club membership is open at the January meeting.  $20.Individual & $30 Family. Membership form is available on Website. We currently have 92 members.
*Bring in more members to the club by asking each club member to reach out and invite people they know to come show with us. 
*Consider committee or change in personnel to hire judges.
*Consider input from members on judges they DO NOT want to show under.
*Contact past members to invite back.
*Incentives to attract new members.
*Consider holding “pot luck dinners”
*Advertize Adult Walk/Trot Classes
*Consider adding Ranch Riding Classes to show bill 1st thing in AM.
*Consider holding clinic Saturday with clinician to judge following day.
*Make announcement that Ribbons are available at the office, if you wish to pick them up you are welcome to do so.
*Consider having General Meetings available on Facebook Live
*Consider having a Mandatory General Meeting that all members must attend.  Hold at a park with pot luck picnic
To Do List:
New Member Welcome:  
Brittany Johnson / bring idea to January meeting
Contact past Members:  Amanda Giombi-Lorenz
Post Patterns:  Meghan Keller
Facebook:  Meghan Keller
Advertizing:  Amanda & Katie with Devan.
Contact Jim Bounds regarding Ranch Riding: Sarah Durrance
Election Results:
President:  Barb Brunner
Vice President:  Robert Ross
Treasurer:  Katie Gilbertson
Secretary:  Julie Aldrich
Board of Directors:  Brittany Johnson
                     Amanda Giombi-Lorenz
                     Kathy Hembrook
Term Expires 2018:   Mary Reed
                     Rachel Goffard
                     Jennifer Disch 
Saturday, January 27, 2018: 
Board Meeting / GENERAL MEETING / Awards Banquet @ Bowl-A-Vard Lanes 2121 E. Springs Drive, Madison WI time to be announced.
Motion was made by Brittany Johnson, second by Kathy Hembrook to adjourn meeting at 8:30PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Julie Aldrich

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