September 23, 2018 - WPHC Board Meeting

Location: Rustic Smoke House / 855 Lexington Blvd. Fort Atkinson

Attendance: Julie Aldrich, Barb Brunner, Cindy McGinnis, Sandy Quinn, Katie Huffman, Kevin Smith, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Brittany Johnson, Bob Ross, Sarah Durrance, Kathy Hembrook / non board members Pat Ross, Tina Berra & Deanna (Sandy Quinn sister)

Meeting was called to order by President Barb Brunner at 4:20PM

Secretary Report was reviewed a motion was made by Sarah / second by Sandy to approve minutes as presented. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report: Amanda Giombi-Lorenz preformed a financial audit to determine the clubs financial balance. After doing the best with the information available the current balance is $10,993.42. This amount should be final with all current outstanding payments made.

Kevin Smith did question why the club does not file tax returns. Kevin will be gathering information regarding bringing the club into compliance.

Amanda is going to continue to balance books as there are a few outstanding questions. Amanda will also be taking over the position of treasure for the time being, as Katie has resigned.

There was serious discussions on costs of hiring judges / hotels / car rentals/ office Help / Gate / Ring Stewart & Announcer. We are evaluating to make sure we are being fair and consistent with surrounding states but also being financial responsible with the monies we have available to continue 2019 show season.

Kathy Hembrook will be contacting hotels in the area to try to negotiate prices.
Julie Aldrich, Sarah Durrance and Pat Ross will be contact surrounding states to inquire about their show budgets (judges/gate/announcer/ring stewart/hotels.
They are to report to Sarah as committee chair with the findings.

Discussion was had regarding the change from work hours to increased office fee. We did not receive enough money to cover the fees to hire out the positions. This will be discussed further at the general meetings. We will need to have the members input to decide if we will increase fees again or go back to volunteers.

Bob and Pat Ross presented a proposal from the Illinois Paint Club. The Ill Club has proposed a combined POR at Gordyville. A vote was taken to allow Bob to gather further information including dates. All board members approved with the exception of Katie Huffman being natural. A written contract will be requested for the board approval. Another vote will be taken once all information is compiled.

Year End Awards: In prior years our club paid out for year-end awards was approximately $10,000 annually. With the financial position of the club this year budget will be $4,000.00. Motion made by Kevin Smith second by Brittany Johnson, motion approved.

A motion was made by Brittany Johnson second by Kathy Hembrook to no longer have the option of a cash pay-out. Motion was approve all board members except Bob Ross approved the motion.

The club will be compiling outlines for the various committee responsibilities, including Youth Club Advisor, Show Managers, Ect. With newer board members we want everyone to know the responsibilities they are undertaking. We need to make sure we are helping to make sure the entire club is successful!

Pat Ross Committee Chair for Scholarships reported there are no current applicants requesting scholarships.

Pat Ross Committee Chair for By-Laws presented a change. Add Under Section 5: Financial Officer: “Any contract entered into on behalf of the Wisconsin Paint Horse Club is to be reviewed and approved by the board of directiors.”
Motion to present by-law change at general meeting was made by Bob Ross second by Sandy Quinn, no opposed. We will present in Nov and vote in January.

Sandy Quinn presented her proposal for the Banquet. Date is set for Sunday January 26th, 2019.
Where: Bowl A Vard Lanes, 2121 E Springs Drive, Madison
Time: 2PM Board Meeting
3PM General Meeting
4:30 Cocktails
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Awards Presentation

This will be a ticketed event. $25. With Dinner included ($7 for children) or $15.00 if you wish to just attend Award Presentation. Sarah Durrance will be collecting tickets are the door. Motion was made by Brittany second by Amanda to charge $7/$25 & $15. Motion approved.

Elections: The Election meeting / General Meeting will be held Saturday November 17, 2018 6PM
A Board meeting will be held prior at 5PM. I will be emailing all members the information Katie will put on facebook and website.
Kathy H is checking with Sals to see if date is open.
Up for Election is: President, Vice President, Secretary and two board positions.

A final item was discussed regarding club membership payments. It was brought to our attention that an exhibitor had submitted the WPHC dues paperwork and check at the Iowa Zone show. The paperwork did not work its way to our club. MUCH discussion was had regarding how to handle this. It was voted upon that an exception will not be made. Vote was approved by majority all board member except Brittany Johnson and Amanda Giombi-Lorenz voted yes.

A motion was made by Cindy McGinnis second by Barb Brunner to adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted,
Julie Aldrich