January 26, 2019 / Board Meeting
Bowl-A-Vard Lanes, Madison WI

Attendance: Cindy McGinnis, Sarah Durrance, Kathy Hembrook, Sandy Quinn, Brittany Johnson, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Kevin Smith, Bob Ross, Julie Aldrich
Unable to Attend: Nell Tekampe

Meeting was called to order by President Elect, Sarah Durrance at 2:08PM. Sarah welcomed all, thanking for the commitment all have made for our club. She shared “TEAMWORK: the combined action of a group of people when effective and efficient.”

Secretary Report: A motion was made by Cindy, second by Brittany to approve minutes as presented. Motion passed with no objections.

Treasurer Report: Gail Johnson reported the general club balance at $12,323.15 / youth balance at $3,714.13. All prior accounts in Monroe have been closed.
Banquet Income: $1,450.00 Expenses: $315.00 Hall rental, $2,905.00 Cash awards, Awards $935.00, Food $1,028.29
Youth must have approval of board prior to spending any amount over $200.00. A motion was made by Kathy, second by Brittany to approve report as presented. Motion approved with no objections.

Committee Reports: Adding Master Showmanship at the Oshkosh show will be voted on at the General meeting.
Amanda reported on the awards for the open show. We will be presenting “cups” instead of ribbons. Discussion on the grand and reserve items, Amanda will send out a mock up of the items decided on.
Sponsorships: Sarah and Brittany will be focusing on making a tiered level sponsorship program.
Show report: Cindy has final class list ready for approval.
By-Law change will be presented at the general meeting by Pat Ross.
Katie will present youth report at general meeting.
Amanda contacted Pinto President Kathy Findlay about putting a WPHC plug in their news letter, awaiting their board approval.
Old Business:
Sarah contacted Edwards’ regarding the youth saddle situation, she feels it is handled.
Club Taxes: we will not be filing this year. We are working hard to gather information on our own to save money on the attorney fees. Cindy will be working to obtain information required.

A vote was taken to decide how to handle the issue of cash awards verse WPHC Buck. A motion was made by Brittany second by Kathy to honor cash option for the 2018 awards.
7 yes / 1 no motion passed.

New Business: Sunflower will be having an open house April 7th.
We will be discussing a Charity Class at the June show as a fund raiser for Monte.
Meeting adjourned at 3:20PM

Supplemental Meeting following General Meeting:
A motion was made by Cindy, second by Gail to add Master Showmanship class to the Oshkosh POR, motion approved with no objections.
A motion was made by Cindy, second by Brittany to add Solid Breed Walk/Trot classes to our show bills. Motion approved with no objections.

Respectfully Submitted,
Julie Aldrich WPHC Secretary