Minutes of the WPHC Board of Directors Meeting

Pizza Ranch / Elkhorn WI

Attendance: Katie Huffman, Sarah Durrance, Cindy McGinnis, Gail Johnson, Sandy Quinn, Kevin Smith, Amanda Lorenz, Julie Aldrich
Absent: Nell Tekampe, Brittany Johnson, Robert Ross, Kathy Hembrook

Meeting was called to order at 4:41 PM by newly elected President, Sarah Durrance. Sarah welcomed board members and thanked them for all the work being done to bring the club forward.

Minutes of Election Meeting Nov 17th were approved with the correction of grammar error: under treasurer report correct “except” to Accept. Motion made by Gail, 2nd by Kevin motion approved.

Treasurer Report: Gail reported the “old” accounts in Monroe are being closed, current balance Is $5,072.67 we are awaiting the clearance of 2 checks ($1,260. & $335.). Then all accounts will be closed, any remaining balance will be transferred to Chase. New accounts were opened at Chase Bank, 1 for WPHC and 1 for Youth. The current balance of WPHC is $11,608.37 / Youth $3,714.13. The Amateur account was closed.
A motion was made by Sandy, 2nd by Julie to approve treasurer report, motion approved.

Committee Reports:
By-Laws: The proposed change to Section 5. Financial Officer:
“ Any contract entered into on behalf of the Wisconsin Paint Horse Club is to be reviewed and approved by the board of directors” will be presented at the General Meeting in January.

Banquet: 2 rooms were booked at the cost of $315.
Current count is 44 paid meals / January 5th is deadline.
Discussion on waiving the $15 cost for Jamie and JJ to attend banquet / a motion was made by Julie, 2nd by Gail to exempt their ticket fee for this banquet. 5 in favor, Cindy opposed. Motion passed.
Sandy will get silent auction items / Katie and youth will do raffle items.

Cindy reported belt bucket has been ordered for Past President Barb Brunner. Vicki’s thank you has also been ordered. Cindy still trying to get a hold of Vicki to invite to banquet.

Katie read an email she received from Tanya Edwards mother of a youth, Morgan Edwards, expressing her concerns regarding the way the “youth saddle contest” was handled. Sarah will be contacting Tonya. The board will be investigating the youth saddle form signed by Morgan. We will discuss during a conference call if needed.

Open Show: Sarah presented the showbill. There were a few changes to be made. Katie will be co-chairing with Sarah.

Old Business: There has been No response from Jerry for a bid for WPHC 2019 show secretary. A motion was made by Julie to hire Cindy Westphal @ the rate of $500 + hotel for the June and August shows. (2018 Cindy received $895.80, $896.70 & $941.51 as show secretary) Cindy McGinnis will do the July show at no charge to the club.

New Business: The following are ideas presented to bring our club forward: Monthly online news letter, Brittany will begin in February.
Brittany will be opening a google account for the ease of email communication.
Membership packets will be emailed including a cover letter, by-laws & hi-point rules upon paid membership dues. Brittany, Gail and Sarah will heading this.
Sarah would like to discuss “what we can do to give incentive to join the club at the January meeting. Please bring ideas.
Ad Sponsorship will be on website. Goal is to add 10 sponsors by next month.

Katie will be ordering a glass block in honor of Ralph Brunner at the cost of $25, she will take to funeral, Jan 3rd 4-7.

Katie reported as Youth Advisor: She anticipates 5 youth for 2019 season. She will hold election at the Jan meeting. She will hold meetings during the show on Friday evenings. Youth will be brain storming for fund raiser ideas.

A motion was made by Gail, 2nd by Sandy to adjourn meeting at 7:10 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Julie Aldrich, WPHC Secretary