February 23, 2018 WPHC Board

Location: Rustic Smoke House (855 Lexington Blvd. Fort Atkinson)

Attendance: Sarah Durrance, Cindy McGinnis, Nell TeKampe, Katie Huffman, Barb Brunner, Sandy Quinn, Brittany Johnson, Gain Johnson, Amanda Giombi, Kathy Hembrook, and Kevin Smith

Meeting was called to order at 2:08 PM by president Sarah Durrance.

Secretary report was reviewed and a motion to accept the minutes was made by Nell Tekampe seconded by Sandy Quinn. Motion passed

Treasurers report: $11,187.78 in the regular general fund, $4,133,13 in the youth fund. A motion to accept the treasurers was made by Barb Brunner/ seconded by Nell Tekampe. Motion passed $105 was transferred from the general fund to the youth fund for the numbers paid for by members when paid for yearly WI membership. Both of the Jefferson down payments were made (half of the total facility fee). Judges cost for Jefferson $3,750.

A motion was made to pay the youth club back for the funds used during 2018 to pay for part of the down payment of the Madison Facility by Cindy McGinnis / seconded by Britany Johnson. Motion passed

Sarah Durrance presented the addendum to the Jefferson facility contracts detailing that we get the use of the arenas for our sole use, we get sole use to the small indoor arena - when it relates to other species (including timeframe to rectify if there is an issue or repayment if there are issues)

Cindy McGinnis discussed the Oshkosh facility at a cost of $6,379.82 (Barns A, C, D – 95 stalls). Supposed to pay deposits of $1,524.96 in August and May and then pay the balance. We are planning on paying the first down payment after the June show. We pay for manure hall away/clean up, Pepsi, arena drag, empty trash, and clean stalls all for a $580 cost. When we previously discussed about getting a reduced fee for Oshkosh for offering 4-H classes, we found out that that is for Winnebago 4-H club only.

Sarah Durrance discussed having a full budget for the WPHC. Amanda Giombi questioned why we need to have a specific budget for the year end awards at this time. Sarah Durrance replied by discussing that a predetermined awards budget as to not create bias when it comes time to pay for the awards. Amanda Giombi motioned: A year end awards budget of $2,000 base plus a 35% of any profit earned from the two Jefferson and one Oshkosh shows to be capped at $6,000 / Gail Johnson seconded. Motioned passed. Kevin Smith and Amanda Giombi will create a year budget before the May meeting.

Year end awards: Discussed cash vs. WPHC bucks. A motioned was made to only include awards next year no cash or WPHC bucks by Cindy McGinnis / Seconded by Sandy Quinn. Motion passed.

By laws: Britany Johnson discussed:
Not following: Financial officer – books needing to be audited yearly by a group appointment by the board of the directors. We agreed to audit the books yearly going forward.
No following: 3 person nominating committee to get people to run for positions.
Proposed changes: Motion was made by Gail Johnson to accept changes / Seconded by Cindy McGinnis
Monthly financial reports – remove monthly. Boards meeting email it out, or upon request.
Notifying for general membership meetings to be done by email and social media instead of mailings and flyers.
Nominated appointments will be published on website and/or social media.
Adding sexual orientation to non-discriminatory policy
Used to have amateur/youth members but now we just have family and single memberships.
Barb Brunner motioned to add a board of director voting position / seconded by Kathy Hembrook
Will add a position for the youth advisor.

President Sarah Durrance nominated Brittany Johnson to become the vice president. She also nominated Katie Huffman to fill Brittany Johnson’s board of directors seat. The board approved

Youth update: Katie Huffman gave a youth club update. The youth board is as follows: President: Gia Pozi VP: Daniele VanEngen. No secratery. Pattern’s will be posted on Facebook and the website before the show. Can still buy show pattern books at the show and funds still go to the youth. High point saddle program was discontinued. Katie will discuss having youth pay for own year end awards and a potentially bigger youth gift for year end to replace the saddle program.

Sarah Durrance discussed needing a ring master and gate person. A motioned was made to pay the ring master and the gate person $100 per day by Amanda Giombi / Nell Tekampe seconded.

Circuit awards: for the two Jefferson shows. Motion was made to use $15 per item by Cindy McGinnis / Seconded by Gail Johnson.

Motion was made for the high point awards for the open show to consist of a stall bag for each division to be a fee of $35, reserve to receive a grooming bag costing $25, and Ranch all around to receive decorative boxes motioned by Gail Johnson / Seconded by Britany Johnson

A motion was made by Britany Johnson and seconded by Kathy Hembrook to adjourn.