Wisconsin Paint Horse Club / Board of Directors Meeting

Fort 88, 855 Lexington Blvd, Fort Atkinson, WI

Meeting was called to order by President Sarah Durrance @ 4:02PM. Sarah began the meeting by listing some of the positive happenings thru the year.

Attendance: Kevin Smith, Sandy Quinn, Barb Brunner, Cindy McGinnis, Amanda Lorenz, Gail Johnson, Brittnay Johnson, Sarah Durrance, Julie Aldrich

The secretary report was approved, a motion was made by Gail, 2nd by Julie to approve as presented.

The treasurer report was presented. Current check book balance is $14,442.57 / JR club $6,930.84. A motion was made by Barb, 2nd by Brittnay to approve as presented.

Sarah reached out to Illinois & Minnesota to combine with to hold a POR. Illinois passed, but Minnesota agreed! July 25th & 26th we will hold a combined POR in Winona. Full 50/50 split in profit and expenses. Cindy submitted paperwork to APHA for a variance. Gail made a motion to hold the POR with Minnesota, Brittany 2nd. Motion passed.

Sarah and Cindy went to Elkhorn Fair Grounds to explore the possibility of holding a show there. It just does not look like it will work for our club. Sarah also working with Mary Sheffield at Cedarburg. The facility only has 70 permanent stalls @ $33 a piece. Stall #71 is $100.00 with a min of 25. It just does not work for our club financially. As we typically have 75-85 stalls.

The club will once again host an open show: Sunday June 28th, 2020 at Bounds.

The budget for year end awards is $3,354.00 (flat $2,000 + 30% of show profits). We are exploring the idea of points = dollar value to be used to purchase items of your choosing.

Sandy presented the information for the club Banquet.

When: January 25th, 2020 @ Bowl A Vard Lanes / 2121 East Springs Dr., Madison, WI

The election meeting will be Saturday Nov. 16th @ Fort 88, Fort Atkinson Board meeting 6PM followed by general / election meeting at 7PM

The following officers are up: Kathy Hembrook, Amanda Lorenz, Sandy Quinn & Secretary.

Sarah had a few members she would like to see run, she will be contacting members.

Respectfully Submitted,

Julie Aldrich / WPHC Secretary