Board of Directors Meeting

 May 2, 2020 via Zoom

Attendees: Cindy McGinnis, Jennifer Johnson, Sarah Durrance, Kevin Smith, Sandy Quinn, Katie Huffman, Brittany Johnson, Gail Johnson, Barb Schmidt, Bridget Nelson, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz

  • Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Sarah Durrance at 9:05a.m.
  • Opening Remarks: Sarah stated that this meeting was to decide on the May show.
  • May 30/31 Jefferson Show Discussion:
    • Judges: Sarah contacted all judges. All judges would be willing to judge. Original hotel we planned to use is closed, but the hotel next door is available.
    • Fairgrounds: No word for sure whether fairgrounds will be open under Badger Bounce Back plan. As of date of this meeting, we have not entered phase 1 (groups of 10 or less permitted.) Roger can not give us a definitive answer until we have passed May 26 or something changes at the state level.
    • Show Decision Factors:
      • It is unrealistic that we would be in the appropriate phase of the Badger Bounce Back plan by the end of May.
      • Chances are that if we held the show, we would lose more money than we would make.
      • We already have a hard time finding enough people to scribe and work the show. This would make it more difficult.
      • We would have to find ways to promote social distancing, provide PPE, and sanitize areas.
      • Failure to hold show does not cause us to lose our spot for future years.
    • Sarah called for vote to decide whether to cancel the May show. Barb made a motion to cancel the show; motion was seconded by Gail. A roll call vote was unanimous to cancel the show. Motion carried.
  • 2021 Jefferson Show:
    • Sarah asked that we make a decision regarding the date of our first 2021 Jefferson show. Our current weekend in 2021 would conflict with Memorial Day. Alternate options for 2021 are May 22/23 or June 5/6.
      • June 5/6 would again coincide with the cattle and livestock show. It is also the weekend after the Iowa show, so you would potentially lose attendees who are too worn out from the Iowa show to show the following weekend.
      • May 22/23 could draw people who want to prep for the Iowa show.
    • Brittany made a motion to schedule the show for May 22/23, 2021. Sandy seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Insurance renewal: Our show liability insurance is up for annual renewal. The premium is $620, which covers liability insurance for all our activities for 12 months. Discussion:
    • There is a real possibility that we may have no shows this year, so it may be an unneeded expense.
    • If we allow it to lapse, our agent said there may be a delay reinstating due to short staff but did not indicate the cost would go up.
    • The cost of policy may be partially offset by not having to pay some show expenses. Having it in place would mean one less thing to worry about once we’re ready to start hosting events.
    • Bridget made a motion to renew the insurance right now. Motion was seconded by Gail. Roll call vote ended in favor of the motion. Motion carried.
  • Awards:
    • Paint shows: We are not able to determine what awards we will be able to offer due to the uncertainty of shows. Type of awards we offer will depend on how many shows we can have.
    • Open Show: Decided to order cups with no year so they can be reused if we have to cancel this year’s show. Club members will bring samples of grand champion box and grand reserve frame to display at show; we will wait to order these items till we’re sure we have a show.
  • Other Business: No deposit needed for Bowl-A-Vard lanes for banquet at this time.
  • Next Meeting: Sarah will send an email the first week of June to schedule our next meeting. Optimistic we will know more about our options at that time.
  • Adjournment: A motion was made by Gail Johnson to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by Cindy. The motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:52 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary