Wisconsin Paint Horse Club

Board of Directors Informal Meeting

June 7, 2020 via Zoom

Attendees: Sarah Durrance, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Katie Huffman, Brittany Johnson, Gail Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Cindy McGinnis, Bridget Nelson, Kevin Smith, Barb Schmidt

Date conflicts. South of the border open series (West 20, Sheri Upton) moved a show to the same day. Board considered moving show to Saturday (Nell can’t do Saturday.) Decided to keep it on Sunday.

Food stand. Board agreed to have a food stand again. Barb Schmidt volunteered to work with Sandy on the food stand. Sarah will assist as her time allows. Budget for food show established at $300.

Administration. Gail, Kevin, Amanda, and Jen will rotate through ring steward duties. Cindy will do entry booth; Katie will assist. Katie will market event and promote pre-registration. Sarah and Katie will discuss how to facilitate health protocols. Sarah will check with Greta about announcing.

Awards. Amanda will order cups today; turn around time is one week. High point awards will be ordered after the fact (examples will be available at the show; Katie will share photos of the awards on Facebook in marketing.) Amanda will tally awards for individuals as the day goes on, and competitors will pick them up in one group at the end.

Insurance. Sarah will check with insurance agent to see if we have any issues hosting a show during the pandemic. Pam has confirmed it’s not an issue for the facility.

Fair park requirements for volunteers. Nothing in Jefferson County requirements is unreasonable, but it will require quite a few volunteers. Amanda and Brittany will put together a list of volunteers that will be needed (gate, buildings, ring stewards, scribes, etc.) Amanda will draft communication to members. Reach out to club to see what kind of response we can get.

Capacity limits. Jefferson Fair Park is currently limiting building gatherings to 50 people and outdoor gatherings to 100. Sarah will clarify the 50 and 100 person limits to determine whether those numbers include the total number of people on the grounds. We also need to make sure we can use all three barns to spread out.

Practical considerations. We will have to restrict people allowed in warmup areas. Large show would mean class splits. Rain means smaller class splits. Showmanship would have to be show and go.

There is a possible conflict with the paint/pinto show at Gordyville on July 2-5; however, Gordyville has yet to host a show this year.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Johnson, Secretary