Wisconsin Paint Horse Club

Board of Directors Meeting

October 18, 2020 via Zoom

Attendees: Cindy McGinnis, Jennifer Johnson, Bridget Nelson, Sarah Durrance, Kevin Smith, Sandy Quinn, Amanda Giombi-Lorenz, Gail Johnson, Barb Schmidt

Absent: Brittany Johnson, Katie Huffman, Barb Brunner

  • Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Sarah Durrance at 9:05a.m.
  • Opening Remarks: Sarah thanked everyone for attending and stated that we had a good year despite COVID.
  • Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting held June 7, 2020 were shared in advance. Cindy made a motion to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Sandy. Motion carried.
  • Financial Report: Even though the future is unsure, the club’s current financial status is positive.
    • Show profits from 2020: $3,600 from open show, $400 for paint show, and approximately $3,700 from MN POR.
    • The WPHC checking account currently stands at $18,462.89. The youth account stands at $6,757.41.
  • Committee Reports
    • Youth report: No report this meeting.
    • Open show: 2020 open show has been wrapped up. Awards were hand-delivered by Amanda.
    • Banquet: no banquet this year. Potential of gathering for general meeting in January or February. The board agreed that we can’t make a decision until much closer to the date due to COVID. Idea tabled until November meeting. In the meantime, Sarah check and see what places may be available.
    • APHA Shows: Dates reserved include May 22-23 (Jefferson), July 24-25 (MN POR – we will have to requests a variance from APHA for having a POR out of state), and August 21-22 (Oshkosh POR.) July 3-4 cancelled due to other conflicts.
    • 2021 Open Show:
      • Current date (June 27) conflicts with APHA world show.
      • Discussion about holding it at Sheri Upton’s barn instead of Bounds due to potential to draw southern Wisconsin/Illinois participant and better footing. Sarah will investigate possibility of June 13th or 27th with Sheri.
      • Board discussed potentially hosting a second open show. Tabled until we can get more feedback from the membership.
    • National Director’s Report: World show moved. Some rule change proposals had early implementation. Task force assembled to investigate proposal to make all horses with paint parents be classified as paint horses. Convention is up in the air.
    • 2021 Horse Shows
      • May 22-23: Jefferson. Illinois requested a show the same weekend; however, we got our request in first. Illinois asked for a variance so they could have that show; we declined.
      • June 26: Open show at Bounds Arena (tabled for further investigation of holding show in Bristol.)
      • July 3-4: Cancelled due to APHA world show and holiday.
      • July 24-25: MN POR as long as we can get variance from APHA and membership approves.
      • August 7-8: Possible paint show at Elkhorn. Sarah will investigate.
      • August 21-22: Oshkosh POR. Cap is 95 stalls, so we will need to determine the cost of adding additional stalls. Elkhorn is available that weekend, so we could possibly hold the POR there.
    • Election Committee
      • Bridget and Barb had one-year term, which expires this year. Kevin is also up for re-election.
      • Cindy moved to communicate with members via email and Facebook regarding board and officer positions that will be available this year. Gail seconded this motion. Motion carried. Members will be able to submit names for positions electronically.
    • Other Business:
      • General Meeting: Board discussed challenges with holding this year’s election/general meeting.
        • It will be difficult to hold an in-person election meeting in November due to COVID. Cindy will talk to APHA to request a variance to have the meeting in December. The board will plan on having a Zoom option for those who feel uncomfortable attending in person. Bylaws do not allow electronic voting, so voting must be done by mail if not attending in person.
        • The board considered ways to incentivize members to attend the general meeting, such as a giveaway. Motion to approve a $500 budget for this incentive by Bridget, second by Gail. Motion carried.
      • Adjournment: A motion was made by Gail to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by Cindy. The motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 10:35a.m.