Wisconsin Paint Horse Club
General Meeting
February 11, 2021 via Zoom

Attendees: Sarah Durrance, Katie Huffman, Jennifer Johnson, Cindy McGinnis, Bridget Nelson, Kevin Smith, Barb Schmidt, Katie Lakins, Jennifer Smith, Buzz Bares
1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Sarah Durrance at 7:03pm.
2. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting held December 5, 2020 were shared in advance. Bridget made a motion to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Cindy. Motion carried.
3. Treasurer’s Report:
a. Starting balance in main club account was $17,369.32. Return of camping fees from Jefferson County Fairgrounds of $1,026.00. Final balance of $18,395.32.
b. The youth account stands at $6,757.41.
c. Motion by Jennifer Johnson to approve Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Cindy. Motion carried.
4. Committee Reports
a. Youth report: No report this meeting.
i. Katie inquired as to whether we are still offering a youth scholarship as we have three graduating seniors this year. Cindy stated that we do, and seniors will need to apply. Sarah and Katie will put information about the scholarships on Facebook.
ii. Cindy mentioned that Zone 5 is also giving each state three $700 scholarships. Eligible applicants must reside in the state and show at the Zone 5 show.
b. Awards: No report this meeting.
c. Banquet: No report this meeting..
d. Judges: All judges lined up. Monte Ruden hired most judges for the Minnesota show. Waiting for three contracts. Brad Kearns agreed to judge our open show and give the clinic. Sarah shared that we will save money on judges this year because many are local and don’t need to travel.
e. Show Managers: Nothing to report. Sarah asked Kevin to work with the Minnesota show manager for our joint POR, especially on stalls.
i. Gail will not be doing the gate this year, so Kevin and Sarah will work on a replacement. Barb volunteered her husband as the gatekeeper at no cost.
f. Fundraising: Bridget also proposed the following sponsorship ideas:
i. Annual business sponsorship - $250 if you have your own banner, would hang at each show ($350 if we need to make the banner for them.) Would also be featured on Facebook and website, would include sponsor in welcome packet.
ii. Annual family sponsorship – $50, circle to display at shows.
iii. T-shirt design challenge – ask membership to contribute designs for a paint horse club t-shirt, which we would sell.
g. Social media: Nothing to report.
h. Shows:
• May 22-23: Jefferson
• July 24-25: MN/WI POR.
• August 21-22: Oshkosh POR. General membership was in favor of including jackpot WP and SMS classes. Final decision was for three classes at $25/class with 100% payout: one SMS, one women’s WP, and one men’s WP.
• WPHC negotiated blocks of rooms for shows. New hotel in Jefferson for $89/night. La Quinta in Oshkosh for $79/night. Information will be on website and on Facebook.
ii. Open Show and Clinic: June 12-13 at Sunflower Farms in Bristol. Brad Kearns will be judging and leading the clinic the day before the open show. Proposed clinic schedule:
• Clinic will start at 8:30am. Brad encourages all levels of riders to participate. The clinic will have three parts: Showmanship, Equitation, Horsemanship
• Limited to 10 participants per session
• $60 per session per participant; $150 for all three including lunch. If participating in only one session, can audit the others for free. Audit would be $40 per person ($30 for WPHC members.) Parent accompanying minor participant/auditor can attend for free.
• General membership agreed to this structure for the clinic. Sarah and Cindy will work on promotional materials.
• Sunflower Farms will have stalls available; camping is available with no electric.
5. National Director’s Report: Convention coming up in two weeks. Cindy encouraged membership to review rule proposals and provide feedback to her or Julie Marweg.
6. 2021 Horse Shows
a. May 22-23: Jefferson
b. June 12-13: Open show at Sunflower Farms
c. July 24-25: MN/WI POR
d. August 21-22: Oshkosh POR
e. Unable to do Oshkosh show in September because it is the same date as a Minnesota show.
7. Old Business
a. Audit of financials will be done by Amanda in 2021.
b. 2020 memberships will be carried over for 2021.
8. New Business
a. 2021 Oshkosh POR Jackpot Classes discussed earlier in the meeting.
b. Cindy requested a bylaw change to move election meeting to the fourth quarter of each year instead of specifically in November. Cindy made a motion to make this change; Bridget seconded the motion. Motion carried.
c. Gail has stepped down as Treasurer. Julie Marweg has agreed to take over the role of Treasurer.
9. Adjournment: A motion was made by Jennifer Johnson to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by Katie Lakins. The motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:08pm.