Wisconsin Paint Horse Club 

Board Meeting 

April 8, 2021 at 7:00 pm 

Via Zoom 

  1. Open Meeting welcome 
  2. Approval of Minutes from February 
    1. Cindy approved
    2. Barb 2nd
  3. Treasurer’s Report credit cards 
    1. Barb approved
    2. Cindy 2nd
  4. Committee Reports 
    1. Youth - Katie 
      1. no updates
      2. reminder that zone is giving away 3 scholarships at show, must be a member of club and showing at show, and enrolled in min of 12 credits
    2. Awards – Amanda Open show Possible Circuit awards WI 
      1. have reserve awards for open show, doing boxes again for grand- yes
      2. Sarah to do inventory on cups
      3. Circuit awards for June & august 
      4. Do we like random awards or achievement? Is there a way to do both?
      5. Need to capture people enjoying show/awards and announce next show date
    3. Banquet – Sandy 
    4. Judges-Sarah 
      1. all judges done, hotels booked
    5. Fundraising- We need a new Fundraising chairperson 
    6. Social Media-Katie 
      1. Need to capture people enjoying show/awards and announce next show date
      2. Reminders about zone show and sponsorships
    7.  Shows 
      1. APHA – Cindy 
        1. Barb husband doing gate
        2. Sarah got ring steward
        3. Kevin needs to get scribes & people to walk for showmanship & help with trail
      2. Open – Sarah and Katie 
        1. Drive involvement & membership for club
          1. can we do free stalls or anything to drive new attendees at shows, maybe half price stalls?
          2. $10 off entry fees- any token to make people feel like they are getting a deal 
          3. Drawing for new stall at Oshkosh?
          4. End of year award?
        2. Need gate people, check in, etc help
        3. Budget for food?
  5. Clinic 
    1. How to drive awareness?
      1. AQHA leaders to share
      2. Brittany to post fliers locally
  6. Sponsorships
    1. Nancy to work on ideas and collaborate with Sarah
  7. National Directors Report – Cindy 
    1. Everyone except am & open need helmets
    2. 2 judge rule?
    3. Don’t have to offer all classes
    4. Options on combining youth classes
  8. 2021 Horse Shows 
    1. May 22-23 Jefferson Covid protocol Julie doing stalls 
      1. Nothing major with COVID requirements
    2. June 12-13 Clinic and Open show- Sharri Upton’s Sunflower Farm
    3. July 24-25 POR with Minnesota awards ideas
      1. Cindy and Sarah to talk with Scott on awards- all agreed to do $500 per club for awards
    4. August 21-22 POR Oshkosh 
  9. Old Business 
    1. Audit of financials 
    2. Clinic Greeter, 2 check in table 2 food stand runners?
  10. New Business
    1. Zone5 committee – does anyone from board want to Join? Cindy and Julie M are already on it- approx. 2 meetings/year
    2. No members stepped up, waiting to hear back from Kevin, can offer up to rest of club
  11.  Other
  12. Adjourn
    1. Cindy Motioned
    2. Nancy 2nd